Doing business in France : in brief

Doing Business in France – The context and underlying questions.

You represent a foreign business that wishes to start an operation in France and you know little or nothing about French business law, or tax and social security legislation. In particular, which legal status should you choose, with which fiscal consequences? Do you need to issue a work contract to hire employees? What level of social security charges will be applied to them?  What grants and subsidies are available for your business?

And the first answers

Why have we produced this summary of the main points on doing business in France? To give you a “super-summary”, or rather the summary of the summaries of all the advice documents on the internet site. although these documents treat several subjects in detail, most of them also include very useful tables to clarify things.

In other words, if you want to do (that is, start a business in France), begin by reading the document below. It will give you an overview, presented in a more friendly fashion than a simple PowerPoint. In a few zooms, you will master the key points of French legislation for commercial businesses and fiscal and social law. Then, if you wish to go into certain points in more depth, go ahead and consult the advice sheets, which very usefully fill in the details of the below-mentioned document.

And where does our accounting firm specialized in starting a business in France fit in? As our document is a summary, it probably leaves some questions unanswered. And the same goes for the advice sheets.

If we have convinced you that we are the right partner to accompany you in doing business in France, do not hesitate to contact us. If you need any additional information, we will be happy to assist you.

Happy reading, and see you soon!