All services we provide to help your activity to start a business in France.

Incorporating a business in France : how we assist you

The firm’s philosophy when incorporating a business in France

When incorporating a business in France, we, at JC Armand and Partners, do not settle for just informing you of the legal form that your business should adopt in France. Not only because texts in France dedicated to business law or taxation have many exceptions. It depends also, among others, on your growth ambition in France.  In such a context, it is our task to approach you in a way that will allow us to provide you with sound advice.

 In substance, it means not only answering your queries but also anticipating them. Basically, we want to be proactive. Our commitment is to deliver these solutions at a cost-benefit analysis. They are framed in a way that reduces complexity, especially in the fiscal aspect. Hence, you can make well-informed decisions and finally save money.

The services we provide you with

Our legal experts will help you to achieve your goals at very competitive prices. In particular, they will ensure that you are provided with the following services

Tax service in France

Tax service in France: why is key?

Today’s increasing complexity of the business and regulatory tax environment needs a sound tax service in France. Corporation tax, innovation tax credits, VAT, etc. constitute a vast maze of intricacy and of subtleties as they have their own goals and rules.  As a result, preparing and issuing your tax return can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers.

How do we work when rendering it?

When establishing your affiliate in France, we not only have to comply with tax regulations, in particular submitting income and VAT statements within the deadlines, but we must especially study the tax effects of the strategic decisions involved in your business in France. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

To this end, our approach seeks to reduce administrative & tax complexity. In a nutshell, matters should be easy for you to understand, To do so, we will draft a cost-benefit analysis for you to be in a position to make well-informed decisions.

And of course, let alone these sound analyses and recommendations, we will always be proactive, trying to anticipate to the best of our abilities any hardship that might arise during the course of your affiliate’s business in France.

These decisions may have to do with dividends, determining intra-group purchase and sale prices, or with goods and services (particularly management fees), the implementation of a research centre, etc.

What kind of tax service in France, we can provide you with?

Our services comprise the following in particular

  • Filing of your income statements;
  • Filing of your tax credits, especially the research and development tax credit;
  • Filing of your VAT statements;
  • Filing of your local tax statements;
  • Handling of relations with the tax administration;
  • Tax planning;
  • Fiscal management of intra-group trade and financial relations.

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Payroll service in France

Payroll tasks and services is one of those areas that grows as your business grows and often reaches a point of demanding a disproportionate percentage of your business’ administrative payroll dollars ou Euros.  At Jean-Claude ARMAND & Partners, our payroll specialists can help correct this imbalance. To this end, we not only comply with regulations, particularly in terms of your sending the payroll payment orders within the required deadlines. We also want to lessen the drain on that time by reducing the complexity of redtape! For instance, by allowing you to make remote statements and payments via the Internet of your social expenses.

In other words, it is a matter of having at your disposal a business setup, where the profits, costs and/or the risks associated to those same profits appear openly. Because what we care about is your hard-earned money.

In a nutshell, we take this headache out of running your business. To do this, we can customize a package of services that is priced to keep you competitive in your marketplace.

Our services comprise the entire value chain of payments, in particular

  • Drafting of job contracts;
  • Issuance of payment bulletins;
  • Applying for exemptions, in particular those within the framework of Young Innovative Status (J.E.I.);
  • Issuance of corporate statements for the relevant authorities;
  • Management of all relationships with the relevant authorities.

Accounting service in France



When we are in charge of the accounting for an international group, it is not only a matter of our preparing the mandatory financial statements to you, but we must also ensure that we fulfill the role of true financial managers. In this respect, we have a triple commitment

1 – We provide you with customized reports or financial statements, in keeping with the group procedures in terms of presentation, contents and deadlines. If the parent company is listed in the US, we can make sure that the procedures are in compliance with the SARBANNES-OXLEY Act.

2 – Beyond group requirements, we guarantee that we will report reliable results. In short, they will faithfully portray the performance in the period under consideration. We apply analytical checks and circumstantial controls, liaising with the operational managers, prior to reporting to the division or the head office. And we will deliver the aformentioned reporting on time. How can you make the right decision if we do not meet the deadlines?

3 – And we especially guarantee full pro-activity to make sure that your affiliate keeps its costs to a minimum. We will make sure to make decisions in the best of your interests, particularly in the tax and corporate fields. It is understood, of course, that certain decisions have to be made by you—we will furnish you with all the necessary information, not only those required for you to make a quick decision considering all the circumstances!


Our services comprise the following in particular

  • Book keeping,
  • Filing of financial reports, in keeping with group rules,
  • Matching of results according to group rules with French accounting procedures,
  • Filing of financial statements according to French regulations.