Incorporating a business in France : how we assist you

The firm’s philosophy when incorporating a business in France

When incorporating a business in France, we, at JC Armand and Partners, do not settle for just informing you of the legal form that your business should adopt in France. Not only because texts in France dedicated to business law or taxation have many exceptions. It depends also, among others, on your growth ambition in France.  In such a context, it is our task to approach you in a way that will allow us to provide you with sound advice.

 In substance, it means not only answering your queries but also anticipating them. Basically, we want to be proactive. Our commitment is to deliver these solutions at a cost-benefit analysis. They are framed in a way that reduces complexity, especially in the fiscal aspect. Hence, you can make well-informed decisions and finally save money.

The services we provide you with

Our legal experts will help you to achieve your goals at very competitive prices. In particular, they will ensure that you are provided with the following services